Why basic Linux Commands ?

So, Why basic Linux Commands ?

Because I for one, am not a Linux or UNIX guru, and still need to use Linux and Linux basic (or not so basic) commands.

So I decided to gather all the articles about simple Linux and UNIX commands, in one place. linuxbasiccommands.wordpress.com will be the place for there articles. Stay tuned, I will update frequently.

I am also a PHP programmer and web designer, and live in the city of Brasov, Romania, in the well-known  Transilvania region  ( Transylvania in english ).  Although this blog is not about my city or my country, knowing where I am from might tell you something about me.

I am working on some Romanian travel websites, and also hosting it on my own server, so this is where the need for knowing some basic Linux came from.

Recently one of theese websites,  www.Romania-turistica.ro, was  penalized by Google for having unnatural links posted in this blog, but the thing is that working on  these sites and hosting them on my own server  are exactly the reasons I needed to learn some basic Linux and thus the reason I started this blog. The link is posted now with no follow rel attribute, so I do not get a Google penalty again.

This being said you are welcome to visit my Linux blog and I will be happy if you will find any information useful . Feel free to comment or ask a question, I will do my best to give a good  answer.

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