Cpanel – Forward email to multiple addresses

I was recently facing a very simple problem regarging on how to forward an email address to multiple adresses in cPanel.  As easi as it seemed it should be, I was not sure if the result I get with the new Cpanel 11 will be what I espected.

I wanted to redirect to and .

Normaly, in linux a configuration file I would add the multiple forwarded adresses with a comma between them, and everything would work fine, but, since cPanel updated to version 11, it introduced a new user interface with lots of error checking.  And so, if you try to enter two email adresses into the forwarder address box, the box will turn red and notify that ” ; ” or ” , ” are not acceptable characters.

So the dilema is: what shoul I do ? add 2 forwarders ? will this work as espected ?

The answer is yes, we have to add 2 forwards to
and to

This actually creates a single forward entry within the operating system, but cPanel keeps it recorded as two separate fowards.

Hope this is useful to you.


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